Brew your next adventure in Harrisonburg, VA, a destination for foodies, explorers, and coffee aficionados. Harrisonburg’s cafes and coffee roasteries are warm, inviting spaces located in the heart of some of the city’s most lively neighborhoods, providing insight into the people and culture of the Friendly City and indulgent culinary experiences you won’t soon forget.  


Experience Harrisonburg’s bustling downtown shopping district during your visit to Coffee Hound or Broad Porch Coffee Company. Enjoy the rich taste handcrafted baked goods and signature drinks at grace+main or Black Sheep Coffee Co. Savor the aroma of freshly roasted coffee at Merge Coffee Company or Chestnut Ridge Coffee Roasters. Or, add a boost of energy to your day with energy-infused cold brews at Greenberry’s or Hydroquenchers. With so many incredible places to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

Black Sheep Coffee

Black Sheep Coffee is located in the twentieth century Ice House, a repurposed historic building. Thick concrete floors and columns and steampunk fixtures reflect a bygone era, while high backed armchairs and area rugs create a cozy atmosphere. Outside, a small patio is surrounded by palate planters and a lush wall of vines. Linger in this space all day as you savor their finely crafted espresso, paninis, and baked goods.

Broad Porch Coffee Company

Situated within the Agora Downtown Market, Broad Porch Coffee Company is set in the heart of Harrisonburg’s bustling downtown shopping district. Stroll up to the counter to chat with one of the café’s friendly baristas or settle into a plush sofa to watch as the Friendly City comes to life each morning. Whimsical floral motifs and potted plants add to the aesthetic of this warm, welcoming space. Owners Jill McMullan and Phil Duntemann’s passion for environmental sustainability shines through in their selection of responsibly sourced, fairly traded coffee, sourced directly from farmers who are Rainforest Alliance Certified. The pair composts the majority of the café’s waste and provide discounts to customers who bring their own cups and containers.

Chestnut Ridge Coffee Roasters

Chestnut Ridge Coffee Roaster is a specialty roaster bringing global flavors to Harrisonburg. Owners Jose Thompson and David Frazier take great pride in being part of in their coffee’s journey, from the mountains, to the roastery, to your cup. Take part in your coffee’s journey as you smell the rich aroma of green coffee beans, watch as they are roasted before your very eyes, and sample a cup of freshly brewed coffee. As you sip on your cup of joe, head to the bakery at Magpie next door and pair it with a European-style pastry or vanilla braid.

Coffee Hound (formerly Shenandoah Joe)

Located in a vibrant, urban community at the center of Harrisonburg’s arts and culinary scene, Coffee Hound is distinguished by its high ceilings and industrial style lighting. Cozy gray armchairs and woodgrain coffee tables provide a relaxed atmosphere and gathering space for reading and playing board games. At the center of the café is a bar fashioned from crates that once contained sacks of coffee beans. Coffee Hound is proud to know the origin of its beans to work with a local roastery to produce coffee in small batches. Over twenty-five varieties of boutique coffee are available on the cafe’s menu, well as specialty creations and pup cups for your furry friend.

grace+main Coffee Shop

Situated on the first floor of Hotel Madison and just steps from James Madison University‘s Bluestone Area, grace+main is popular among students, staff and locals alike. The cafe’s comfortable, welcoming environment and richly flavored specialty drinks will make it a staple in your morning routine, whether you are on your way to work, class or your next adventure. Savor the rich flavors of a blueberry pancake latte or hazelnut hot cocoa, or indulge in a refreshing pumpkin cold brew. The baristas’ specials never cease to amaze!

Greenberry’s Coffee Co.

Greenberry’s Coffee Co. has been serving fresh, locally roasted coffee for over 30 years. With its mission of bringing people together over a perfect cup of coffee, the café has provided a warm, inviting community meeting place where all are welcome, and customers become friends. It has also worked to perfect its craft roasted beverages and expand its offerings to include creamy and nitro cold brew. Nitro cold brew combines coffee with nitrogen for a boost of energy!


Hydroquenchers is a high energy coffee stand catering to everyday heroes on the go. The stand’s energy infused refreshers and specialty items deliver an energizing pick me up for a long day of adventuring. As you relish the taste of a cold iced coffee, boost your morning with an order of pastelitos, bite-sized pancakes with fresh fruit and decadent toppings. Or, sample some esquites, buttered Mexican corn with mayo, cotija cheese, and chili powder.

Merge Coffee Company

Merge Coffee Company began when cousins Darryl and Charles Matthews merged their lives and their passion for coffee into a venture that produces responsibly sourced, award-winning coffee. Their commitment to bringing stellar culinary experiences to their customers has led them to roast each batch on site, ensuring the freshest, richest taste possible. To get the most out of your culinary experience, attend a coffee tasting or savor one of Darryl’s signature breakfast creations. Darryl’s bacon-stuffed Belgian waffles and béchamel covered ham and cheese croissants have become staples in our locals’ morning routines.

Pour and Connect

Pour and Connect is a gathering space connecting people through their shared love of music, beer, food, and now… coffee! This self-serve kitchen and taproom began offering lattes, espresso, and other hot and iced favorites in 2022. Sweet and savory baked goods are also available in the mornings.

Other Harrisonburg Cafes

In addition to these unique local cafes, Harrisonburg is also host to a series of beloved chains such as Starbucks, Dunkin’ and Joe Muggs. For a full list of cafes in the Friendly City, click here.