Elk Run Trails

Elk Run Trails

Located in Elkton

The Elk Run Trails offer a variety of options for walking, trail running, or biking at any distance. The most-used trail parallels Elk Run, with ample opportunity for wading or fishing in the creek. Although some loops are designated for mountain bikes, all are suitable for foot and bicycle travel. The terrain is mostly flat, with areas of dense hemlocks and pine trees. Most of the area is protected from sun and wind.

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Trail Information

Trail Activities: Walking, Hiking, Trail Running and Mountain Biking

Time required: 30 minutes to 3 hours
Challenge level: beginner
Distance: Many trails present options starting from less than 1 mile
Elevation change: None
Terrain: Mostly dirt paths in the woods, some roots, and rocky areas throughout
Preferred direction: Starting from the main gate, head east along Elk Run and follow the signs for the orange loop.

Practical Planning Information

Services along trail: None
Food and water: None on the trail, but a gas station and various restaurants are located near the parking area and in the town of Elkton
Mobile phone service: Good service throughout trail network

Directions & Parking

Google: Elkton Area Community Center

Driving time: In Elkton, 30 minutes east of Harrisonburg
Signs and marking: Signs are marked with a variety of colored arrows and paint demarcating the various loops shown on the trailhead map.
Parking: Plentiful parking in the large parking lot behind the Elkton Area Community Center

Elk Run Trails

Navigating the Trail

Park at the Elkton Area Community Center to access the trails. At the trailhead, a large, hand-painted signboard shows a map of the trail system. It is recommended that you take a photo of this map on your mobile phone before entering. You can also pick up a paper copy of the map in the Elkton Area Community Center during its regular hours (Monday – Friday 8:00am-9:00pm, Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm).

Enter the network through the signed gate at the trailhead and choose a trail color to follow. The trail indicated in this guide is the orange loop and does not include the other trails as the network. The network is dense and interconnected.

For a shaded loop in the forest that works well for walking, running and easy mountain biking, start on the green trail along Elk Run. This is a short, rocky section of trail. Then, turn left onto the wide and flat orange trail to continue walking or riding along the creek. The orange trail will eventually return outside of the forest along the grassy edge of the road to the parking lot.

More Information

Built by Hand

What began as a ⅓ mi trail built by a scout group in 2012 has blossomed into over 18 miles of trail network along Elk Run Creek in Elkton, VA. Much of the trail has been designed and cleared by Woody, a local veteran. The trail network was officially recognized by the town of Elkton in 2021 and is utilized in cross-country running meets, fishing activities, fun runs, and for general recreation.

The red trail of the Elk Run Trails system passes near the historic Kite Mansion, a historic home built in 1948. The home was named for the architect, William Edgar Kite, a descendent of early settlers to the Elkton area who was inspired by Early Classical Revival style. The Kite Mansion was added to the National Register of Historic Houses in 2007 and is now utilized by the Town of Elkton as a community meeting space.

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