Silver Lake Mill

Silver Lake, a 12-acre treasure just north of Dayton, offers a unique blend of history and nature for residents and visitors. Silver Lake Mill and the small community surrounding the lake were nominated in 2019 as Dayton’s second Historic District on the National Register. The Mill is also on Virginia’s Civil War Trails.

Nestled at the south end of Silver Lake, the Mill was first built in 1822 when the lake was created to provide the Mill’s power. The spring feeding the lake is at the north end and is reported as producing about 2 million gallons of water daily. Looking north across the lake from the Mill, you will see Mole Hill – an extinct volcano!

The lake enjoys inclusion on Virginia’s Wildlife and Birding Trail and offers the opportunity to observe migratory waterfowl; Ospreys are also frequent visitors, and Bald Eagles and Herons are among many local residents. The lake is seasonally stocked with Rainbow Trout by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, and fishing is permitted with an appropriate license.


2328 Silver Lake Rd. Dayton, Virginia 22821