Western Slope Trails

Western Slope Trails

Located on Massanutten Mountain in Rockingham County

The Massanutten Western Slopes boast over 30 miles of well-maintained mountain bike trails on 800 acres of forested mountain slope. The network is famous for its technical rocky trails, including “the Puzzler” and “2,000 Hours,” named for the number of volunteer hours invested in its design. Views from the top of Massanutten Mountain are well worth the climb. The network also makes for pleasant hiking, trail running, and cross-country skiing in the winter. A small pond with picnic tables provides an ambiance for a restful break. Trails are open daily year-round, except during hunting season from November 1 – January 15. At that time, the trails are only open on Sundays.

Day or annual passes are required to use the trails. Passes are $10 per day and $50 per year for SVBC members. To purchase a pass, visit the SVBC website.

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Trail Information

Trail Activities: Mountain Biking, Hiking and Trail Running

Time required: 1-5 hours
Challenge level: All levels, with more advanced trails higher up on the mountain
Distance: Experiences range from 0.5 miles to 30+ miles
Elevation change: Around 2,000 feet, with various options throughout the network
Terrain: Variety of trails from dirt roads, to beginner single-track, to challenging technical and rocky terrain across various grades
Preferred direction: Check suggested loops

Practical Planning Information

Services Along Trail: Bathroom, changing area, and bike tool stand in the parking area
Food & Water: None
Phone Service: Good service throughout most of the trails

Directions & Parking

Google: Western Slope

Driving: 15-20 minutes east of Harrisonburg to Western Slopes parking lot near Keezletown, <10 minutes from Massanutten Resort to overlook parking on ridgeline
Signs and Marking: Trails, junctions and loops are marked throughout the network and align with detailed trail map
Parking: Large gravel lot at the base of the Western Slopes with space for over 50 vehicles. Paved parking area on the ridge within Massanutten Resort with space for 20 vehicles.

Western Slope Trails

Navigating the Trail

At the Western Slopes parking area at the base of Massanutten Mountain, there is a large gravel parking area, bike tool stand, pit toilet and changing area. After getting ready for your ride, explore one of the highlighted loops shown on the overview map. The Green loop is great for beginners and can easily be combined with the Blue and Gold loops for longer, more advanced experiences. In addition to these trails, the network also includes a new Skills Kitchen area, which is popular with riders of all ages. The Skills Kitchen can be used to practice various mountain bike skills with pump track and jumps is popular with riders of all ages.

Trails are open daily year-round, except during hunting season from November 1 – January 15. At that time, the trails are only open on Sundays. Keep your eyes and ears open for speedy mountain bikers on downhills and narrow trail areas.

More Information

Massanutten Western Slope

The Western Slope of Massanutten mountain bike trails are a public-private partnership between the Shenandoah Valley Bicycle Coalition (SVBC) and Massanutten Resort. All trails were built and are maintained by volunteers coordinated by the SVBC, with new sections being added annually. To support these efforts, an access pass is required for use, which can be purchased on the SVBC website. Passes are $10 per day and $50 per year for SVBC members.

Massanutten Resort offers a shuttle to the upper reaches of the Western Slope area, allowing you to ride downhill from the top of the mountain. The resort also offers bicycle and equipment rental, as well as a lift-accessed bike park within the eastern slope of the mountain in the summer. These trails connect to the trails on the Western Slope. Inquire at the rental office about shuttles to the Western Slope area.

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