Press Room

Harrisonburg Tourism welcomes travel writers and members of the media and is happy to work with them on media coverage, press trip or travel planning, and access to photography or information. Please access our press room by using the links below.

We look forward to assisting you in featuring our thriving destination!

**Photography throughout site courtesy of: Brandy Somers Photography, Brian Ripley Photography, Frank Doherty Photography, Joe Foley Photography, Liz Bixby, Michael Sheeler Photography, Sarah Hauser of Virginia Tourism Corporation, Chris Simmons Downtownburg, Cara Walton Photography , Jon Styer Photograpy

Harrisonburg is a member of MATPRA, Mid-Atlantic Tourism Public Relations Alliance, a hub for public relations professionals and travel journalists.  MATPRA strives to serve travel journalists by offering resources that ignore geographic boundaries, as do travelers. Common threads and regional highlights are identified to offer more stories for journalists that are interested in offering the prospective of Mid-Atlantic destinations as a whole.